How do I figure out the exact moment of a stockout? Or my exact share of shelf?
Is my product assortment compatible?
How do I gauge the level of price sensitivity for my consumer?
How do I gather real-time data with 100% accuracy?
Where do I better implement the budget in its category management, and what is the ROI (Return on Investment)?

UpPoints provides all the answers.

Our innovative technology allows for minimal changes in the real environment, guaranteeing a vast range of data monitoring benefits.

Monitor your products, connect your strategies and obtain the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that will make your product categories a benchmark for profitability and efficiency.

measured by the pick-up

Our metrics are based on products actually removed from the shelf.

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    Product assortment
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    Conversion rate
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    Share of shelf
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    Price elasticity
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    Shopper tracking
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    Average time in seconds
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measured by the pick-up

We collect real data with total accuracy.

UpPoints uses accurate and interactive real-time data to improve the effectiveness of field research. We deliver high standars with much greater assertiveness than the SLAs (service-level agreement) currently offered in the market.

Our A.I. automatically captures all interactions between your products and the shoppers that raises the value of market research practices and builds a robust real-time analytics.

We group all the captured data in our reports, or import them to any existing B.I. (Business Intelligence) infrastructure customized to meet the specific needs of each client.

Make no changes to your work environment.

We capture all the movements with no need for intrusive elements or adaptations such as RFID (radio-frequency identification), QR Code, 3D glasses or others.

No 3D Glasses
No QR Codes
No Radio Frequency

The UpPoints Technology

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UpPoints Artificial Intelligence imageUpPoints Artificial Intelligence image

How UpPoints works

UpPoints’ own innovative technology stems from research in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and artificial neural networks (ANNs), more specifically in Deep Neural Networks. Our unique and innovative methodology permits the creation of Artificial Neural Networks with a larger number of layers, leading to the solution of AI problems previously unfeasible due to high technology costs and the very extensive time required for the creation of such networks.

These technological advances make for a quick and easy absorbing of visual objects, in this case retail products, and a greater efficiency in the detection of objects in real environments.

Installation and set-up

Our technology involves little or no real change from the real environment, resulting in zero impact on the layout of our clients. The installation requires a simple camera for capturing the real environment with the required minimal configurations, and an easy set-up guide that helps pointing the camera in the right direction.

We manage to keep an atmosphere that’s clean and free of human interference in the shopper’s purchase, allowing a continuous flow in the POS.

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